“An army of brand advocates can be a very powerful marketing force. Creating advocates takes more than amassing an on-line community. It takes more than sending out coupons. It takes more than producing great creative content. It takes more than getting “Liked” on a Page Post. Advocacy comes from strong relationships. Relationships develop from frequency, depth and breadth of enjoyable engagements. These engagements fuel positive, emotional experiences with the brand. If you want to create an army of brand advocates (not zealots), first understand and develop your relationship with your consumers.”

At Advengage, we work with the Brand and Brand’s Creative Agency help create emotionally connected Brand Advocates. We teach Brands to cultivate brand advocates by developing relationships and creating a wide variety of “real” engaging brand experiences (e.g., digital, experiential, and sensational.)  Principles of Cognitive Science, Anthropology and many years of Traditional and Digital Marketing Experience go into every engagement.  The result is greater revenue for your brand(s) through increased trial and loyalty.


Advengage ModelTrue Brand Advocacy comes from a continuous cycle of engagements leading to and stemming from deep consumer relationships. Everything starts with an understanding of the consumer.  Deep insights yield messaging that resonates to the soul.  We then touch the heart through immersive experiences that generate powerful positive emotions. Engagements must be continuous to eventually develop a trusted relationship. When trust is established, the insights get deeper, messaging is more appreciated, experiences are more powerful and more frequent. When that happens, trust deepens. And trust creates a positive upward spiral.

The Advengage Model is significantly more detailed as to how to drive the five key elements identified in the wheel.  The model not only serves as a guide to marketers but also as a scorecard to evaluate how well the brand is doing against developing advocacy.

About Gary:

GaryDeJesus1Gary De Jesus is a leader in consumer advocacy marketing.  It has been his focus and passion for over nine years. Over the past nine years, Gary has been able to learn and apply principles of cognitive science and psychology, anthropology, classic marketing, digital communications and word of mouth science to develop a more robust approach to helping brands develop passionate advocates.

Gary began working specifically on advocacy and word of mouth marketing back in 2004 when he joined P&G’s Tremor team as Head of Marketing.  In 2006, Gary developed Vocalpoint.com for Procter & Gamble. Vocalpoint is a community of women with a desire to share their opinions and be heard.  Vocalpoint cultivated Brand Advocates resulting in increased trial and brand equity.  Brand advocates also beget more brand advocates resulting in a positive spiral that had a tremendous business impact.  Vocalpoint focused on creating shareable disruptive brand experiences and developing a trusted relationship with consumers. A trusted relationship is critical to driving increased engagement and receptivity of the brand’s message.

Gary left P&G in 2011 to continue to deepen his knowledge in advocacy creation resulting  in a new, more robust Advocacy model.

Gary spent near 18 years at Procter & Gamble developing new brands (Vocalpoint and Elations), revitalizing an old brand (Crisco), repositioning existing brands (NutriStar), developing new marketing models (Nicaragua and Mexico), targeting different consumer groups (Women with Children, Baby Boomers, African Americans, Hispanics, Lower Income), working across many marketing agencies (Grey, Leo Burnett, Saatchi X, Northlich, Upshot, MKTG Inc, Landor, LPK, Interbrand), working with technology development companies (Corbus and Sogeti) and creating or expanding new capabilities (Word of Mouth, Advocacy, Consumer Relationships and Loyalty).  Also, Gary has worked across an incredible number of brands in a wide variety of categories both consumer goods (durable and non-durable), services (product and financial), healthcare (OTC, Dietary Supplement, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Medical Procedures) and yes, Business to Business (Construction, Food Service, Small Business Owner development).

Gary De Jesus has an M.B.A. in Marketing from NYU: Leonard N. Stern School of Business in New York City, NY. He received his Bachelors degree in Biology (concentrating in Organismal Evolutionary Biology) from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.  Gary and his wife, Patti, live with their two children in Cincinnati, OH.


DeJesus4Gary De Jesus
Brand Advocacy and Consumer Engagement Strategist